On January 30, every year our church commemorates the Three Hierarchs. The Three Hierarchs, Basil the Great, John Chrysostom and Gregory the Theologian, were great Masters and Fathers of our Church. This day is a day of celebration of Education, of disciples, of teachers, and of all Christians. January 30, 2020, the day of the celebration of the Three Hierarchs, ceases to be included in the school days of Holidays.

The Ministry of Education has issued a circular on celebrating the Three Hierarchs in schools. According to which, students can hold festive events or attend church, and then the classes would normally run on a program basis.

The offer of the Three Hierarchs is very significant. They founded Orthodoxy, had values, were orators, wise teachers and philanthropists. They lived simple lives, they studied, they taught, and their people loved and appreciated them. They studied ancient writers and philosophers, rejected any idolatrous element, keeping the principles of dialectical thought.

Basil the Great studied Rhetoric, Philosophy, Grammar, Astronomy, Philosophy, Medicine and Geometry. He wrote books, letters and sermons. He founded Basiliada, which included an orphanage, nursing home, hospitals, and hostels. He taught the Gospel daily, spoke about Greek History, Philosophy, Mythology and Poetry. The Church named him Ecumenical and the Great Teacher for his work.

Gregory the Theologian had a Christian upbringing, he created a particularly large authorial work of words, letters and poems. Teach Oratory and preach the word of God with passion. In Constantinople he spoke of five famous reasons for the divinity of the "Son and Word" of God, with excellent results. His sermons turned many Aryans to Christianity. He was named Theologos for his admirable work.

John Chrysostom had a degree in Philosophy, Law and Theology. He lived for many years in Monasteries and wrote many books, as well as the Sunday Mass of our Church. He spoke for impressive religious reasons, for his charisma he was called Chrysostom.

The memory of the Three Hierarchs must be kept alive, their values, their reason and their works must serve as role models in our lives.