Social security law includes the rules of operation of the insurance body, the payment of social security contributions and the way in which pensions are awarded.

Many times, legal guidance is needed to speed up a retirement process. A lawyer can advise you and lead you to resolve affairs or issues of social security law. If necessary, an appeal may be lodged before the competent Committees and Administrative Courts.

A lawyer can look extremely useful and give you all the necessary information as to the prospect of retirement for all classes of insurance.

In particular, it will inform you of the new provisions and will consider your case by category.

  • Age Limits
  • Counting
  • Parents of underage children
  • Heavy and Unhealthy
  • Parent of underage kid
  • Children in College
  • Insurance Gaps
  • Time of Sickness
  • Unemployment time
  • Settlement of debts to Funds
  • Documents Needed

As there are many changes to Social Security with age limits going up and pensions to be calculated gradually in a completely different way, the advice of a professional lawyer is valuable.