The new global business guide called Facegreek was created by MacInfoGroup in order to become the first online community of all Greek businesses and Greek professionals in Greece, Cyprus and around the world. It is mainly a global network of Greek companies that aims to present and interconnect all Greek professionals and Greek businesses with the Greeks of the world and to promote Greek business initiative.

As far as professionals and businesses are concerned, Facegreek is a site for advertising, communication and interconnection, while for every user who searches for information, Facegreek is a technologically and functionally innovative search engine that quickly and easily returns results from a wide range of thousand businesses in Greece and abroad, including sightseeing, offers and useful information.

In an impeccable aesthetic context, there is a wealth of information for every business and professional (contact information, offers, articles, photos, videos) registered on Facegreek, which allows them to come into direct contact with the general public by promoting their services and products, but also offers them the possibility of direct communication between them, as well as their interconnection with cooperating registered companies, while having the opportunity of positive evaluation from other users. In order to achieve the above, have been created different services and costs, which help each advertiser to choose what he wants according to his needs and requirements.

The engine uses state-of-the-art technologies of search and big data such as Apache Solr, filters, search based on radius/point of interest, autocomplete of combined terms (i.e. Pathologists Athens Attica), performance optimization, display of results depending on word relevance or distance, maps, synonyms and various other features.

In conclusion, Facegreek helps the user to communicate directly with every Greek business, to get acquainted with their profile, services, products, and to be informed about the news of the business world through the articles of the platform.